MacKeeper: The Best Mac Cleaner Software for Mac System

Looking for Mac cleaner software for your computer? There are many available cleaning utility tools in the market today and these include the CleanMyMac and MacKeeper. CleanMyMac is already an established name when it comes to Mac cleaner tool but MacKeeper is definitely catching up. What makes MacKeeper as a recommended cleaning utility tool for Mac computers?

MacKeeper as Cleaning Utility Tool

MacKeeper is highly recommended from the start because of its cost. The package is priced at $39.95 (after a 90% discount) only that makes it quite affordable. When you install MacKeeper in your Mac system you already get all the facilities in just one package and can do more aside from its cleaning utility features. MacKeeper program definitely offers the following:

  1. Mac Cleaner: It has six cleaning capabilities that include Binary Cutter, Log Cleaner, Duplicates Finder, Language Cutter, Old Files Finder and Cache Cleaner. When the program is installed and run in your Mac system it already performs it cleaning capabilities and cut down the cluttered files by a significant amount thus there is really a big change in your system. You can run the application even if you already use other applications and even the CleanMyMac cleaner. The scanning procedure usually takes five to ten minutes and will show you remarkable results. Using the old finder and duplicate cleaner options will allow the users to choose files that they want to delete out in their system.
  2. Backup: It also performs backup easily. You can do this by simply clicking the file that you want to back up and then the location where you want to store it. Users can also set the frequency of their backup depending on their preferences.
  3. Data Encryptor: It also offers security features where it will ask for password before performing other tasks.
  4. Default Apps: This will manage all files extensions in just one place in your system.
  5. Disk Usage: It allows users to choose folders and files that they want to remove or save.
  6. Login Items: This will manages the items and other applications in the startup menu and an effective utility also to enhance the performance of your Mac system.
  7. Shredder: This is also one of the helpful utility in MacKeeper that shreds files easily in order to ensure that no data is stolen or misused in the system. Thus confidential files are really safe and protected.
  8. Undelete: This feature recompiles your files that had been deleted and recover it easily. This ensures that every byte of data is restored back in your system. You can select the files that you want to recover as well as the destination of files that you want to store.
  9. Wise Uninstaller: This works like the AppZapper where users can uninstall any application, preference program and widget by simply clicking the uninstall button.
  10. Anti-theft service: It tracks down your Mac computers if this was stolen. It will show the location of your Mac computer once it was stolen.

With MacKeeper, you simply found the best Mac cleaner software that offers everything in just one package. You can’t find faults with the software because it is simply the best cleaning utility for your Mac system.

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