Compare Top Mac Optimizer & Cleanup Utilities 2014

Over time, all systems need some cleaning and revamping. Mac is no different. Like windows, there are a number of system cleaner utilities that Mac users can take advantages of. However, while some excel in certain areas, they lag behind in others. Here is a comprehensive comparison between the top Mac cleaners available.


For most people, price plays a vital role in deciding which utility they want. Of the top 3 cleanup utilities, CleanMyMac and MacKeeper cost $39.95. MacKeeper does provide with different versions of license and hence, the price can go up to $89.95 according to the scale of use. MacCleanse is comparatively cheaper and costs $19.95.

Fast Cleanup Utilities

All three optimizers under consideration have the option of cleaning up cache files, universal binaries, log files and language files. However, MacKeeper does not facilitate with trash folders which can be problematic if you want to retrieve something you thought was useless before but are in need of now.

Main Cleanup Utilities

CleanMyMac and MacKeeper show disk usage while MacCleanse does not. All three have Quick Cleanup, Duplicates Finder, Smart Uninstaller and Files Finder utilities. Other than MacKeeper, neither of the remaining two have App Update Tracker or a feature for default apps. Moreover, CleanMyMac also does not have cleaning the startup items options.

Data Security

MacKeeper is the most effective utility in this department. With the exception of the option of an online backup system, it has all the main data security features including data encryptor, file recovery, file shredder, data backup, anti-theft utility and internet security. CleanMyMac and MacCleanse only have the file shredder tool.

Help and Support

As far as this facet is concerned, MacKeeper once again takes the lead by providing the most facilities. It enhances the user experience by providing with the option of live chat, phone, email, video tutorials and forums. It also comes with a product manual with FAQs. CleanMyMac is close behind offering everything except for the live chat feature and video tutorials. On number three is MacCleanse with all tools except for live chat, phone and forums.

Support System

Mac OS X has many versions and not all utilities work on all of them. However, all three optimizers work on all version of the system. Only CleanMyMac makes the exception of Snow Leopard 10.6 but is supported by all other versions. MacCleanse has also not been launched the Mavericks 10.9 version.

Overall Comparison

Comparing the top three Mac optimizers and tuners, the best one is MacKeeper because of various reasons. Not only does it clean and optimize the system, MacKeeper also maintains and saves the system from potential security threats. It is user-friendly with amazing product support. Comparing this with the features of CleanMyMac, the latter is an efficient utility that does the trick. However, it does not come with additional data security features that make it less desirable than MacKeeper considering the price of both is the same. Last but not the least, MacCleanse is third on overall ranking because of the major flaw of a lack of security features. At the same time, it does come at a cheaper price also. So if a cleaner is all you want, then you might want to go with MacCleanse. Otherwise, MacKeeper is the best option.