What You Need to Do to Speed up MacBook Pro ?

There are many ways to speed up MacBook Pro, but you need to know what is really going on when you laptop goes slow.

In simple words, it is all about too much clutter in your laptop. There might be some time in the past where you have installed too many apps, bloat ware or other software, which you only needed for a while. When you install these applications, they come with files like DMGs, scripts, log files and cache that just add up in your memory but they do no real contribution. In fact, they all need to be removed because they occupy space for no reason. The only way to get rid of them is that you get it done by a software or you remove them yourself. It helps when you remove a lot of the clutter; here are some software that will help you a lot.

Inspect Your Laptop

A good way to start looking is to have a look at your desktop. Your desktop may be cluttered with too many icons and they need to be removed. It is quite simple to do that, you just need to go to your desktop and:

1. Arrange icons in an order that makes most sense to you
2. Select the icons that you do not need anymore and delete them
3. If you no longer need some icons but may need it later then place them inside some other folder but remove it from desktop
4. Remove some startup programs
a. Go to the activity monitor
b. See the kinds of processes that seem familiar and unnecessary
c. Disable to end those processes
5. Place all the similar files in a common folder for easy navigation
6. Delete empty folders

Disk Management Applications

The Disk Inventory X or the OmniDiskSweeper is what will help you the kind of clutter that may be in your hard disk. The first application will help you detect the different kind of data that is present in your hard disk. You might notice some kind of data like videos that are no longer important to you but they are occupying too much space. Making as much space as possible is an important technique, so you may use the OmniDiskSweeper to get rid of the big storage hogs at this point. You can also use the built-in disk utility to fix the hard drive problems in your directory.

Built in Repair Disk Utility

This is a utility that comes when you need to speed up MacBook Pro. When you select the application, just select the First aid tab and then click on Repair, which will fix a lot of things on your laptop. This kind of technique is by far the safest and may help you. There are a lot of people who are not really satisfied yet, so other cases you can make a small investment that will definitely improve your laptop’s performance.

Buy Some Memory

Buying some extra memory is a hardware advantage that will increase your laptop memory permanently. It is a great investment especially for those laptops that came with low memory like 2 GB. If you increase from 2 GB to 4 GB then you can easily expect a boost in response times. It is a great idea to do this considering that buying a new laptop will be much more expensive. If you think that is a good idea then you will find some good guides online that tell you how you should choose your memory stick to install in your laptop. If you order this online then you will have a kit how to install this safely.

Keeping Up to Date

This is a very important practice that will not only keep your laptop from getting too slow but also will help in improving features at times. Just detect the new updates that are required for your laptop. It is a great idea to get the latest Mac OS out there if you are not using the current one. Apple does a great job in executing this because they know their computer hardware and specifications very well so you do not need to worry about changes following an update.

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