Don’t Use A Mac Cleaner Until You Read This!

mac cleanerLike any computer, your Mac will need to have some clean up work done every once in a while. Before downloading a Mac cleaner software however, you should know that some Mac cleaners can actually make your Mac worse, instead of better.

Some reasons that you should be cautious of which Mac cleaner you choose, include downloading a virus, installing a program that works improperly, or by downloading multiple cleaning programs that will just add to the clutter on your Mac’s hard drive.

Before you use a Mac cleaner, consider why you need to clean up your Mac.

By considering why you need to perform a clean up on your Mac, you can determine exactly what type of Mac software cleaner you will need. Most importantly, you should know that it is not usually just one thing that is causing your Mac to not be the top performer it once was. Therefore, it’s good to find a Mac cleaning software that will be able to do a thorough cleaning, and not just a “one trick pony”, so to speak.

When you use a Mac cleaning software, one of its main purposes is to give your Mac more hard drive space and memory use, by getting rid of old apps and unneeded files. Because of this, one of the last things you should do is to download several different Mac clean up programs, as it will just add to the problem. Instead, choose a Mac clean up software that includes all of things you will need in one nice and easy to use package.

The Mac clean up software that you choose should be able to do it all: remove junk files, duplicate files, empty caches, get rid of unneeded language packs, clear old logs, and completely uninstall apps that are no longer needed.

Do you need Mac clean up software that includes an anti-virus program?

A Mac owner’s answer to this question, is usually “No, I do not need an anti-virus program for my Mac, because Mac’s don’t get viruses”. Although it’s true that Mac’s do not often get viruses, they do indeed still get them. In fact, there are currently several viruses and malware programs, that are directly targeting Mac computers.

Should your Mac be exposed to such a virus, a good Mac cleaner that includes an anti-virus program, can either block the virus all together, or locate and destroy it before it brings harm to your Mac. Keeping your Mac protected from malware and viruses, is not something all Mac cleaning software programs include. Therefore, finding a reputable, and good quality Mac cleaning software that includes anti-virus protection, is well worth the few dollars it may cost.

The final thing you should consider before you use a Mac cleaner:
Know what you’re downloading!

safe mac appsBy downloading a Mac clean up software, you could actually be downloading a virus or malware program to your computer. In fact consider the names of the four most popular Mac viruses: MacSecurity, MacProtector, MacDefender, and MacShield. Each of them sound as if they will be a beneficial Mac clean up tool, when in fact they are all viruses that will corrupt your Mac’s hard drive, and steal your personal information.

So what can you do to be safe? Just remember that like with any computer, you should only download what you know is safe. To avoid downloading bogus Mac clean up software, you should be sure that the program is one that is recognized via awards, and other acknowledgments, and promoted as a good Mac clean up utility, by those in the computer industry.

Another sign of a Mac cleaner that may not be what it says it is, is that it will be offered to you completely for free. Therefore, one should consider spending a few dollars on a good Mac cleaning software program, which will help them feel confident that it is a legitimate program, and company. Purchasing a safe, and reliable program that will do what you need it to do, is definitely worth the price.

By your not using a Mac cleaner before you read this article, you have better prepared yourself to find a safe, and reliable Mac cleaner; one that will ensure your Mac will still be a top performer when the clean up is done.