How to Clean Your Mac From These Easy Tips

Once your Mac starts to get a little old, you will notice it will also get slow after some time. You will notice how much time it takes to boot up or start an application.
These differences seem to catch up and they might get frustrating when you need something done quick. Simple things like saving files feel like they will take forever to finish.

Clean Your Mac


Before you go buy another computer, you might want to consider taking a little bit of more time to see if you can get most of the performance back as it was new before. It is great to buy a new machine, but it is smarter to extend the life of the existing one so that you can have something even more spectacular when the newer models are out.

Basic Clean up Tips

Every computer owner needs to know these tips because eventually you need it. You will most probably get to know similar ideas from customer support if you have a fairly long conversation there. Consider some easy steps that you can take here. For example, if your desktop is cluttered with too many icons and applications, then it is very important that you get organized there. It is important because your computer is probably investing a lot of resources to load those applications when it is booting up. Managing the icons on your desktop is the easiest part and you will feel good when you do it.

1. Re-arrange icons in any order, but make sure they are placed in columns for easy skimming
2. If there are too many files, try to group them in to new folders
3. Check if there are any empty unimportant folders that you can delete
4. Delete those shortcuts, applications, or other files that are unimportant
5. Re-arrange again

When you follow these steps, you will really like the change that you see in your desktop here.

How to clean your Mac via software?

There are also some software available that you can use to help optimize the performance of your computer. Fortunately, they are all designed to automate the complex processes to find unnecessary files and delete them. Why do we need such software? Because our computers need to create certain files like caches, logs, registries, DMGs and similar files to ensure the existing program run well and that there is a record of them. They are no longer needed around but they still add up to some amount of space and can improve the performance if they are all removed. This software can do them effectively but it would be wise to have a look at the options they have and see what kind of files are being removed.

Disk Inventory X

This is a well-known software among critics for detecting some unnecessary disk space being used by unimportant files. It takes very little time to diagnose your entire hard disk and it shows a very intuitive display of the kind of data stored in your computer. It would be good to know because those statistics provided would give you a strong idea what might be occupying a lot of space. For example, you might realize that you have too many movies saved in your hard disk that you can remove because you have watched them already. This is all done by Disk Inventory X. You can download the software from the link mentioned and place it under ‘Applications’.


As elaborate the name of the software sounds, it is still the simplest one you can find when you need to use it. This software can be found online and you can download it for your computer. These are relatively modern and so they have a better knowledge library about redundant files that take up space and damage your computer’s performance.


There is one major precaution that you must keep in mind and know to expect. Deleting files is the only thing that could damage some of your computer’s processes. Some may still be required by one of your applications and it would be a better idea to avoid all chances when you read through that these applications delete from your computer.

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