How To Fix A Mac Trackpad When It Is Having Problems

Mac’s are a great investment and a wonderful computer to have. Sometimes the trackpad starts to have some problems and here I will discuss how you may be able to fix it.  Trackpad problems are something that Apple is aware of and you are not the only one having the same issue with their trackpad.

If your Mac is still under warranty, then great! You can take your Mac to your local Apple’s Genius Bar and they will help you free of charge fix the problem. If you are not close to a Genius Bar, don’t want to pay a technician to fix it or you are not under warranty then followings a few pointers may help get the job done.

Common Mac Trackpad Problems

One of the most common Mac trackpad problems is button failure. The MacBook and MacBook Pros late models have been known to have button failure. This is when you press the trackpad sometimes and nothing happens. You can restore full functionality by installing the MacBook Pro Track Firmware Update 1.0. This update should automatically happen when you do a software update on your computer.

Sometimes a Mac trackpad will stop working properly due to it being disabled. To check to see if your settings were disabled, go to System Preferences, then Trackpad under Hardware. You can also use the F keys on top of your keyboard. Try pressing each of these keys to see if your trackpad starts working.

Another reason your trackpad may stop working, is due to dirt and debris. It is very important to keep your laptop and your trackpad very clean. Sometimes dirt, debris and crumbs can find their way into the edges and down under your trackpad. You should try to wipe down your Mac daily and keep food and drinks away from it.

If your Mac is very hot, your trackpad could stop working. If your Mac is very hot this is due to poor ventilation and it could cause internal damage. The heat inside the Mac could start melting the components inside. This will lead to the battery swelling up and then damaging the trackpad for good. If your Mac is overheating, it is the best to shut it down and let it rest. If you smell anything burning or believe internal damage has been done, then you should take your Mac to a repair shop or the Genius Bar immediately.

Your Mac Maybe Having Trackpad Problems Due To Internal Problems

It is very important that you keep your Mac in working condition. When you start to notice a sluggish Mac and trackpad problems starting to occur, you may need to start cleaning the system. A great Mac cleaner is MacKeeper. Why choice MacKeeper? Mackeeper offers 16 different tools to clean your Mac and keep it working properly. When your Mac trackpad starts to have problems, it is a sign that something internally maybe going wrong.

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