Want Free Mac Cleaner? Here’s an Options for You

Looking for free Mac cleaner that will clean your Mac and make it brand new? Here’s a list of software that you can install in your Mac to make it cleaner, free from cluttered files and improve system performance.

  1. CleanMyMac: This is a fully comprehensive cleaning utility that keeps Mac protected from malware, viruses and other unnecessary files that are only taking up most of the hard disk space. But the good about this software is that it can speed up the Mac system. Using the application is quite easy too. All you need to do is click the application and you are on your way to deleting useless files in your hard disk. This even includes deleting temporary files, disk images, caches and logs. Users can even choose the applications that they want to clean and which part of the applications will only be cleaned. This application is highly customizable and you can expect Mac will speed up.
  2. AppCleaner: Uninstalling applications on Mac does not mean dragging and dropping it all in the trash. It can leave behind other traces of related files to the application such as the support preference and widgets. The AppCleaner is capable of doing this anyway. The application provides simple drop options if you are uninstalling an application, browse through the applications including its widgets and plug-ins. It even has search function to look for files faster and allows you only to select files and applications that you want to delete.
  3. Mac Cleanse: This is one of the recommended Mac cleaner applications that can get all the cookies, logs and history files. This makes the Mac free from cluttered and obsolete files in order for it to smoothly. This is a shareware that deals with cleaning internet files and applications. It will show you a list of applications that you want to clean and click on each of these applications that you want to delete and this include cookies, download and caches. It has an information panel on the right side that provides a description for each of the application. Although the interface is quite hard to understand and use, but this is highly recommended for cleaning your internet applications.
  4. CleanApp: CleanApp will remove completely all the files that are left behind from uninstalling applications in your Mac. This is quite easy for the application because this will show you a list of installed applications in the hard drive and all its associated files, folders and other components such as widgets, plug-ins and screen savers. This is easy to use also with its useful dashboard. This is a perfect application for getting rid of all residue files from applications that are uninstalled in the Mac system.

The free Mac cleaner applications do not end here. There are a lot of options that you could choose from. This is some of the recommended options that you might want to try in cleaning your Mac hard drive including files, folders and applications