AppCleaner for Mac – Free Download and Software Reviews

While Mac is one of the techiest and most chic devices you can have, it also comes with a few glitches. It allows its users to install all kinds of apps that are fun, interesting and useful. At the same time, if you no longer need an app, uninstalling it can be quite a hassle. It may have created additional files and folders that need to be deleted along with the app for it to completely uninstall. Thus, uninstalling can be quite messy.

However, with apps like AppCleaner, uninstalling has been made very convenient. The biggest perk this app comes with is that it is free of cost. Some of its distinguishing features are as follows.


The whole uninstalling/deleting an app isn’t a ritual. It is easy and quick. All you have to do is drag and drop the app in it and your work is done. Moreover, it does not only come in handy as far as apps are concerned but can uninstall plugins, widgets, etc. It is also able to unveil and delete any hidden bits of files that might not catch your attention otherwise. Such files remain undeleted when uninstalling a program under normal circumstances.
It also has a SmartDelete option that acts on its own. It detects deleted applications and then asks the user to delete related files that could not be uninstalled in the standard uninstallation process. It does not necessarily have to be used to delete apps. It could also tell you how much space an application and the files associated with it are taking. Moreover, this utility does not have to be manually updated.


Although the app is outstanding considering it is for free, it does have a few drawbacks. The SmartDelete feature works when an app is deleted while the AppCleaner window is open and running. It won’t detect a deleted app in the trash if it was deleted before running AppCleaner. Moreover, a window is open at all times while it is running which can be annoying. It does not run in the background. Another disadvantage is that individual apps cannot be searched and detected by it.

AppCleaner Alternatives

AppCleaner has quite a few alternatives. However, all of them cost while AppCleaner is free. AppZapper is one such alternative. It costs $13 and will not provide enough additional features to make up for the price hike. Then there is CleanApp which costs $15 and provides quite a few features that AppCleaner does not. It provides with a more detailed and sophisticated cleaning. If you want to go more in depth in cleaning your machine and are willing to spend a few bucks on it,

CleanApp is a good alternative.

Overall the app is pretty good. It comes without any price and does the work without a lot of hassle. After deleting files it does not leave any digital residue which is its best feature and because of which most people install this app.