7 Mac Cleanup Tools To Keep Your Mac In Shape

Like us our Mac needs certain tools to keep it healthy. By using the following 7 cleanup tools you can feel confident that your Mac will keep not only keep in shape, but it will also continue to be a top performer.

Mac Cleanup Tool #1: An Uninstaller Program

mac cleanup tool - uninstallerMost Mac user’s, myself included, thought that by dragging and dropping a file, folder, or application, to the Trash that the program was completely gone. However, the fact is that fragments of it are still there. Therefore, by using a trusted and smart uninstaller program you can permanently cleanup all of the things you wanted too; which in the end will ensure that your Mac will once again run smoothly and expeditiously.

Mac Cleanup Tool #2: A Duplicate File Finder

mac cleanup tool - duplicate finderAnother tool that is needed to keep your Mac in good shape is a duplicate file finder. Unknowingly, many of us have duplicate copies of files on our hard drive. A cleanup software with a duplicate file finder program, will locate these files and give you the option to get rid of them, giving you more space on your hard drive.

Mac Cleanup Tool #3: Maintenance Cleaner

mac cleanup tool - fast mac cleanerWhen choosing your Mac cleanup software, make sure it will do the following clean up tasks:

  • Clean your cache with a cache cleaner
  • Get rid of languages you do not need with a language cutter
  • Clean your old logs with a logs cleaner
  • Get rid of useless binaries with a binaries cutter

All of these tools included in a maintenance cleaner will clean up the Mac’s hard drive, and put your Mac back on the fast track.

Mac Cleanup Tool #4: Managing Your Login Items

mac cleanup tool - manage login itemsA login items tool will boost your Mac’s login speed. By managing your login items with this tool you can remove apps from the automatic login list that you do not need to have open. By using a cleaning software with a login items tool, you will continue to keep your Mac in great shape.

Mac Cleanup Tool #5: Internet Security and Antivirus Software

mac cleanup tool - antivirusMost Mac owners do not own an anti-virus program because they feel that their Mac is impervious to viruses. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Therefore, having an anti-virus as one of your cleanup tools can save you a lot of money and frustration.

The Internet is not only where your Mac can get a virus, it is also the place that your Mac, or any computer is most vulnerable to Internet fraud. Internet fraud includes: credit card theft, identity theft, email spoofing, and phishing. By having a Mac cleanup software that can protect against viruses, malicious websites and other online threats, you can surf the Web without worries.

Mac Cleanup Tool #6: Keeping Apps Updated With An Update Tracker

mac cleanup tool - mac app updaterAn update tracking tool can keep your Mac and its apps running smoothly, because it will check for a new version of each app, and update if needed. This will ensure that each app is running at its best.

Mac Cleanup Tool #7: Knowing What Your Mac’s Disk Usage Is

mac cleanup tool - disk usage checkerBy using this 7th and final tool in our Mac cleanup tool box, you will be able to see what is hogging up your Mac’s hard drive. A Mac cleanup software with a disc usage tool, will give you a visual report of what files or apps are the largest users of your Mac’s disk space. With this tool, you can decide if you want to get rid of any thing that is no longer needed.

Utilizing All 7 Tools To Cleanup Your Mac And Keep It In Shape:

Just as having 7 pieces of different work out equipment to help us stay in shape would be an unnecessary waste of space in our home, 7 separate apps to keep your Mac in shape would be a waste of space on your Mac’s hard drive, and 7 different tools for either reason are just unnecessary.

The best way to keep your Mac in shape and still get all 7 tools, is to purchase an all-in-one Mac cleaning software like MacKeeper. Not only does it include the 7 tools above, it also has an additional 9 more; all of which will cleanup your Mac and keep it in shape for a long time to come.

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