Clean Up Mac Hard Drive: Boosting your Mac

As you will notice over time, your Mac becomes slower unlike the first time you used it. If this happens this is the right time to clean up Mac hard drive. So get started doing it. But before you perform cleaning routines to your Mac make sure to backup all important documents in the hard drive to other external devices because you might end up having clean hard drive but looking for all your piece of files all over again.

Looking for the things that keeping your Mac slow: The first thing that you can do is to launch the Activity Monitor at the Applications then click Utilities. It will show you a list of applications and other processes that is happening in your CPU and memory. Look for the applications that are hogging most of the CPU time. If there are applications that you don’t need take note of it and if there are applications that are taking long to run then quit it and restart the Mac for an immediate solution.

Clean up the Startup list: Look for applications that are found in the startup menu and what these that you don’t need are. Just click the System Preferences, then Accounts and the Login Items tab. There are a list of applications and select the minus tab for apps that you don’t need anymore.

Uninstall unnecessary files and all its related files: Go over to your Application folder and remove apps that you don’t need anymore. Just a thought, in doing this might not speed up your Mac but eventually will reclaim hard drive space. But before you drag and drop applications to the trash, it is advisable to use third party uninstaller programs where it can completely remove applications and all its associated files. You can choose from AppTrap, AppDelete, AppZapper, MacKeeper and a lot more.

Do some routine maintenance: What’s good about Mac is that you can perform routine maintenance without the need for any extra software. Just run the Disk Utility that is found under the Applications then Utilities. This will verify and repair the disk permissions. This can take a longer process so better do it when the system is idle. But you can choose other third part software that can already perform detailed maintenance to your Mac.

Reclaim hard drive space: While you are performing cleaning procedure to your Mac, determine first what really is taking up all the Mac space. There are other utilities that allow you to view your hard disk and all the unnecessary files that are stored on it. You can even defrag your Mac hard drive to reorganize all your files and bring back the Mac performance on top shape.

If you intend to clean up Mac hard drive, there are a lot of possible steps that you can do about it from removing unnecessary applications to running other routine maintenance tasks. You can also use other third party applications that will make the process a lot easier but before you do so always back up your important files and folders.


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