Increase Your Mac’s Speed in Just a Few Steps

how to clean up a mac

All computer users want fast and efficient machines, in fact when you buy a Mac it is bought with that expectation. But in reality computers slow down, even Macs, and despite many efforts to make your computer faster you likely find yourself still dealing with a slow Mac. This is due to time, in a way.
how to clean up a mac
With time your Mac’s disk space becomes filled with files and applications, both of which will slow down your Mac as it is taking longer for it to process the information. There is good news though, because there are ways to make your Mac run faster and these simple steps below will start you in that direction.

Upgrade or Add Hardware:

Upgrading or adding to your RAM or CPU is one way that you can be sure that your Mac is running faster and that the performance will get better. However, before you start adding extra RAM or upgrading your CPU, consult with a Mac repair tech or Mac Specialist to assist you in finding the right hardware for your system.

Cleanup Your Mac’s Hard Drive:

When hard disk space gets full of files, there is a tendency for your Mac to slow down. To begin cleaning up the hard drive check your Applications folder to see what applications are really unnecessary or that you no longer want or need. Then you can get rid of these by dragging and dropping them to the Trash. You can also get rid of unwanted language packs. To do this try using Monolingual, it is a freeware tool that will get rid of all the extra languages that came pre-installed on your Mac. Doing away with these will reclaim gigabytes of hard disk space.

Clean up the Startup Items

This is one of the easiest ways to increase Macs speed and its performance. Just got to System Preferences then click User Accounts, you will see over the list all the items that are included in the startup menu. Decide which ones to you don’t want or need and get rid of them. This is a sure way to improve speed to your Mac.

Cleanup Mac Desktop

Having too many icons on your desktop can degrade your Mac’s performance. The Mac OS X treats it as its own window and this consumes system resources. To fix this, you just need to do a little organizing. Putting them all into folders will help you a lot.

Remove Unwanted Fonts

It is perfectly safe to remove all of the excess fonts that are installed in your Mac. To do so, simply open the Font Book and select Fonts, over the list choose File options and then Validate Fonts options. This will help you determine what fonts are on your Mac and allow you to decide which ones to remove.

Having problems with your Mac machine can be really annoying and disappointing. But before you spend too much money just to make your Mac run faster, try out these simple tips above to increase your Mac’s speeds. Although these are not permanent improvements, they are at least a temporary way to enhance the way your Mac performs. This is quite simple to do, even for someone that is not very experienced with their Macs inner workings.

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