Use This Mac System Cleaner to Speed It Up

Mac System CleanerKnowing which Mac system cleaner to use can be a sensitive subject amongst Mac users. In fact, just today I was scrolling through a popular forum for Apple users and found myself quickly enthralled with a thread entitled: “Mac Software: Mac Cleaners”. The person that had begun this thread posted the following question:

“My Mac is running slower and slower and I don’t know which Mac Cleaner is best to use, any suggestions?”

Unfortunately response’s were ones that I have seen before. Unfortunately, they are not very helpful to the average Mac user. A few were:

“You don’t need a Mac cleaner, your Mac will clean itself.”

“You can clean it up via the command line you just need to know the commands and the specific launch parameters that are necessary to do what you want.”

“There are several Mac cleaners, so just get one that will do what you need like one that that will uninstall apps and one that will handle all the extra languages, and if you need one that does…..”.

So how did this thread end? It ended with our frustrated Mac owner saying that it was all too complicated, and he gave up without knowing which Mac system cleaner to use, if any at all.

Which Mac system cleaner should you use then and is it complicated?

Before I jump in and tell you the one I recommend I will start with the area of complication. The fact is, that besides fixing any issues with our Mac we are also purchasing a Mac cleaner to do the job as easily for us as possible.

Okay, so just how easy is it to clean your Mac with the proper system cleaner? If you can click the button on your mouse, then you are good to go! Now we should talk about what particular Mac system cleaner I am talking about. I am talking about the award winning Mac software called MacKeeper.

Why use MacKeeper as your Mac’s system cleaner?

After a lot of research on Mac system cleaners and by reading the research done by others that are much more qualified than myself, my decision was that the best Mac system cleaner is the MacKeeper.

Comparing MacKeeper to other Mac system cleaners is what truly pushed it ahead of the rest. Here are just four reasons why MacKeeper stood out above the rest:

  1. MacKeeper comes with 16 different tools to clean your Mac, the others had either less cleaning tools or were individual cleaners. The problem with individual Mac system cleaning tools is that if your Mac has slowed down, it is often indicative of a full or cluttered up hard drive, so by downloading these individual apps it will just add to the problem instead of help.
  2. Most Mac system cleaners do not include anti-virus, Internet security, or theft protection programs. MacKeeper has all three. I wasn’t sure if I really needed any of these until I was researching one day about Mac viruses. Like many Mac users I underestimated the threat of viruses. However, they do indeed exist and they will ruin your lovely Mac.
  3. Unlike nearly all of the other Mac system cleaners, MacKeeper comes with customer support. Their support has great response time and can be used via chat when you have the MacKeeper open.
  4. Not only did MacKeeper win a lot of awards, it also had a lot of research that had already been done to determine if it was safe to use and would properly clean your Mac’s system. I liked the fact too that the MacKeeper’s awards and reviews came from those that are well known and respected in the Apple industry, something few Mac cleaners can say.

Here are two such MacKeeper reviews: 

“…MacKeeper does a whole lot and quite easily. It’d be worth it for cleanups alone, but add other features and you’ve got a heck of a nice application. …” 

Dave Caolo ,TUAW The Unofficial Apple Weblog

“…MacKeeper gives you the option of treating your computer’s maintenance as a whole master duty that can be accomplished from a single application…”

Juan Gonzalez, Appletell

In addition to the four above mentioned reasons of why MacKeeper was found to be the best Mac software cleaner, there are actually several other things you will find when you download your own free trial. If you use this Mac cleaner system to speed up your Mac you will love the results that you get; results that will give you a faster Mac with the click of your mouse.

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