Clean and Speed Up Your Mac in 5 steps

Mac System Cleaner

Mac, just like human beings, get dirty and struggle with pace. If your mac is a victim of the aforementioned, this is the right place for you. The following is the best step by step journey to reclaiming speed and giving your Mac a brand new outlook.

Step 1: Clean outside the system and check your table clutter.

Before even thinking about attacking the software, ensure you move your system away from the usual working place to a place with adequate space. Employ a microfiber cloth to wipe dust and grease that normally build around the system. Engage the same cloth to wipe away the dust and any smudges lingering on the screen to make it shinny. Compressed air comes in handy to blow out the dust and oil inside the cracks and cervices hence keeping the system spotlessly clean. You should also check the table clutter, normally located under the desk. This ensures there is always good power supply the cables remain functioning optimally.

Step 2: Get rid of All Apps Not in Use

You can now connect your Mac and switch it on to clean the intangible bit. This is the most appropriate time to dig into the system and tidy it up by uninstalling as well as deleting the Apps that are not in use. These Apps normally leave behind entries which drag the pace of the machine. We recommend you use applications such as Appcleaner; apart from being free, it will leave your system happy.

Step 3: Tidy Up your Hard Drive

After bidding farewell to less important Apps, the stage is set to attack the hard drive. The hard drive is vulnerable to being wasted by VirtualBox, images and other assorted files you have never given a thought. To root this out, get to the built-in Disk Utility program and click on the hard drive. Get the First Aid tab and then click Repair Disk. Alternatively, Disk inventory X can do it. The above will run through the machine, show and ultimately wipe out anything eating up you system.

Step 4: Add RAM

Introducing a new, bigger and modern brand of RAM has never been a bad idea. This is perhaps the easiest way to ensure your machine boasts of a lightning speed. The support books given with the machine will ensure the whole process is as easy as you have never imagined. The type of RAM that you should buy is not prescribed. You can buy any type and brand provided it’s your favorite and fits the system.

 Step 5: Back Up your Mac

After going through the above process, you will have nothing to lose but everything to gain by saving your files for emergency. This will also ensure your system runs smoothly and the performance is boosted. By storing all the old information, you won’t experience sleepless nights worrying about any danger that may strike your system. Everything can be fixed by just some clicks.
Hopefully, by now you are aware of the above tips and tricks to keep your Mac healthy. All the best as you undertake the above measures.

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